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Neretva river rafting

Second offer

Second offer

25 € / per person
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  1. With breakfast and lunch 30 EUR
  2. Without breakfast 28 EUR
  3. Without breakfast and lunch 25 EUR
1 day
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time

Tour Plan



We will meet in our base, where you will have a small breakfast - snack (fruit, coffe, jucies) before the rafting.

09:30 – 10:00

After snack we will get ready for the rafting, take the equipment (neopren suit, helmet an life jacket). If you have any valuable things you can leave them in lockers in our base. Also, there we have chancnig cabines and showers that you can use.

10:00 – 10:30

Then we will transport you from Konjic to the starting point for rafting, through beautiful nature, next to the natural Boracko lake, with a small brake at the place with a nice view on the lake.

10:30 – 11:15

When we arrive to the starting point we will have:
  • Breifing with our skipper and he will give us information abot the gear, technique of rafting and tahn we will start with rafting.
  • When we enter Small canyon there will be few surprises for us such as swimming (bathing), jumping from beautiful rocks, taking pictures.

11:15 – 12:00

Also, we will have a lunch in the Canyon of Neretva river (barbeque + salad + drink) Vegetarian need to inform us day before and we will prepare special food for them. While we are preparing barbeque you can swim, sunbathe and many more things.

12:00 – 16:45

Afer we finish with our brake we will continue with the rafting down the river where we have lots of surprises such as:
  • Grand Canyon,
  • adrenalin parts,
  • many wells of clean water,
  • waterfalls,
  • jumping from the rocks,
  • taking pictures, etc..

16:45 - 17:00+/

After we finsih with rafting there will be transportation for us at the point where the rafting ends and we will go back to our base.
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